Thermal Imaging

Thermal ImagingOur team is composed of trained thermographers that have worked in the field for years on end. We have the experience and knowledge that is required to handle any home or property. This new and innovative procedure involves the usage of infrared thermal imaging to detect hidden or suspected problems. This gives way to a solution that we can come up with to address these issues so you don’t need to spend thousands more when it comes to full-on repair jobs.

Thermal Imaging is the Present… and the Future

Prior to thermal imaging, the detection of problematic areas required having to tear out drywall or use another invasive method that typically pokes holes in the home. These methods were not successful in locating the source of the problem, and in the process cause unnecessary damages and costly repairs. In addition, water leaks were not detected until staining was noticed on the ceiling or interior walls. Wiring problems also went undetected until the wires shorted out, tripping the breakers or melting the insulators in the process. Point in case, old methods didn’t come close to the success that thermal imaging has brought to this day and age. Now, with the use of thermal imaging, these potential hazards can be detected before they become a headache, saving costs, lives, and money.

Our Target Inspections Offer...

At So-Cal HERS Rating, our target inspections offer: Roof Moisture Scanning, Electrical System Scanning, Mechanical System Scanning, Commercial Structural Scanning, HVAC Duct Leakage Scanning, Residential Structural Scanning, Leak Detection, and Hidden Moisture Scanning.

Transparency is Key

It’s important for you, the client, to know that you thermal inspection is accurate and unbiased. In order to know the extent of the problem and come up with a plan of action, we maintain the guarantee that every inspection is an honest and transparent one. The only way to insure the reliability of a thermal inspection is to ensure that the inspection company has nothing to gain from the results and does not benefit financially form the repairs or improvements that may or may not be required. This is why we promise that every inspection is straightforward and honest. Give us a call for more information.

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