Solar Panel Inspection

Solar Panel InspectionOur specialists at So-Cal HERS Rating are ready to handle your solar panel inspection. One of the services that we offer is performing a technical site inspection between the time that you sign a contract to install brand new solar panels and the installation itself. Now, the decision to install solar panels can be overwhelming to many clients. For one, they are a relatively large investment, and an investment that you are more than likely to make once every couple of decades. So, there are numerous factors that you need to consider before you fully commit to the installation. Where are the solar panels going to be installed? What hardware, plumbing, and electrical apparatus will need to be installed in my home? Do the installers need access inside? Are there any additional fees that are going to add on top of the installation quote itself? What about all the technical issues that I may face?

A Process Made Easy

Here at So-Cal HERS Rating, we strive to ease the anxiety that this process may cause. While your solar consultant may be skilled at identifying the most suitable system for your home, you will also need a second set of eyes that has experience in the technical aspects of solar inspection. Now, many homeowners simply do not have the time or focus during the sales process to address all the technical aspects of solar panel installation. That’s where we come in. Our pre-installation technical inspection is key to ensuring that everything is going to work as intended and gets done efficiently.

How We Go About Doing Our Inspection

Here are some things that you can expect with our routine inspection: Visible roof damage will be documented and presented to you, including any broken tiles, worn-down shingles, or other damages. Your attic access and accessibility will be closely monitored, along with the layout and direction. The location of your electrical conduit will be located to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely. Roof measurements will be accurately taken to ensure proper fit and also to identify if there are any roof obstructions that exist. Modifications to the proposed layout will also be discussed with you if there are any factors that need to be problem-solved.

Our pre-installation reports are meant to be accurate, detailed, and fulfilling to our customers. We take pride in our high quality work, which is why we strive to perform at the highest level when it comes to solar panel inspections. For more information, give us a call today and we will openly discuss any project that you are looking into.

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