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Energy Upgrade RebateAt So-Cal HERS Rating, we want you to obtain the most cost-efficient deals when it comes to home repairs and upgrades. We are qualified professionals that have the training and the tools to make your home energy efficient, healthy, and comfortable. To help you start on the right foot, we have provided some information on how you can got about obtaining a California energy rebate as well as how we can offer an energy upgrade rebate processing service.


In order for you to qualify for Home Upgrade rebates and incentives, you must work with a participating contract or whole-house home energy rater. Furthermore, contractors and raters must also meet the program requirements. Failure to work with a certified specialist will not meet the demands of the rebate, therefore nullifying any discount that you are receiving.

The basic qualifications for Home Upgrade Participating Contractors are as follows: They must have an appropriate California State License Board license. They must be bonded and are in good standing. They must have workers’ compensation and general liability insurance. They must have employed at least one staff member with Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst certification. They must have a commitment to test each home for combustion appliance safety at the beginning and at the end of the job. They must meet the Independent Whole-House Home Energy Rater basic qualifications.

So-Cal HERS Rating is Proud to be Qualified

At So-Cal HERS Rating, we are proud to say that we are certified and licensed in every qualification and are here to help you begin your energy-efficient journey. Now, there are numerous reasons why you should get a home upgrade, like incentives an rebates that can go up to $6,500 for improvements for your single-family home. There are many other benefits as well such as improved comfort, reduced energy use, lower utility bills, and increased home value. Home upgrades also allow you to bundle several energy efficiency improvements so you can maximize your total savings. We can help you select which option is the best for you and direct you to more ways that you can lower your utility bills throughout the year. Who doesn’t like to save thousands of dollars per year on their energy bills? We are always here to answer any questions that you might have in regards to energy consumption and rebates. Give us a call today and we can discuss what we can do to help you save an abundance of money on your energy bills.

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