Duct Testing

Duct TestingLeaks or installation flaws will cause your air conditioning system to run inefficiently. Furthermore, California law states that these be fixed or else one could face a fine. Furthermore, California state law also mandates that ducts be tested whenever a new air condition system is installed in a home or a business. So-Cal HERS Rating’s state-of-the-art duct testing equipment will help you identify any problems or existing leaks in your system so you can continue to save money on your long-term operating costs.

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Before warm or cool air can flow freely inside your home or business from the heating or air conditioning system, it must first traverse through a series of ducts that should provide a clear and efficient pathway through which the air can travel. Unfortunately, some of these ducts aren’t designed as efficiently as they should be. There are times when installation flaws will account for air leaks or allow heat to escape or enter the ducts undesirably. At So-Cal HERS Rating, we identify where the source of the issue is and perform a thorough examination of your ductwork by performing a variety of tests that include: a duct leakage test, duct pressure test, duct blower test, and other services. Testing may also include high-tech viewing and recording equipment and a look at your HVAC equipment to locate the irregularities. Our specialists will then recommend the appropriate services to correct the problem areas which include: duct sealing, repairs, or even design work.

One-Third of Current Households Are Suffering From Heat or Cooling Loss

It is not a rare occurrence that these irregularities happen in households. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, many duct systems that have major or minor leaks that account for roughly 30% heating and cooling loss in the average home. That’s a relatively high number. Furthermore, many homeowners fail to realize that they are not maximizing the output of their system. Remember, any duct system can start to run into trouble at any time. It’s more than likely that your is causing some type of issues that you are unaware of. Fortunately, So-Cal HERS Rating is here to help. Schedule a duct testing with our trained professionals who can determine whether or not there are weak points in your duct system and also figure out the exact location of leaks.

Faulty Duct Systems Result in Spending More Money Than You Have To

When ducts leak air, it will affect multiple areas of your home or business. For one, a leaky duct system will keep you less comfortable. Rooms will be of varying temperatures as some ducts may be occluded. Furthermore, there are likely to be hot and cold spots around your home and your HVAC system will take longer to achieve the set temperature on your thermostat. The worst part is that you are less likely to notice the difference if the leak has progressed slowly over time, causing you to spend hundreds more on heating or air conditioning every year than you would without leaks at all. In addition to this, your HVAC system is overworking itself and will fail soon if it does not receive the appropriate attention that it deserves.

Competitive Prices and Outstanding Quality

So-Cal HERS Rating duct testing protocols are compliant with every state law to ensure that your system is meeting the legal requirements. For more information, get in touch with us today, as we will answer any questions that you may have. We offer the most competitive rates than any other company in Southern California. We work with you to pass the test the first time, so you can save money down the road.

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