HERS Services


Duct Testing

So-Cal HERS Rating offers duct testing, which is now mandatory for all new construction as well as when HVAC equipment is changed and the ducts are altered; this applies to both commercial and residential applications.

Duct testing must also be performed by an independent or state certified HERS rater. Furthermore, there must be a specific limit in which the pressuring of the duct system is at a specified level to verify that the ducts leak at a rate that is no greater than 6% of the overall airflow. A much greater amount of duct leakage is allowed for retrofit HVAC work.

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Air Balancing

So-Cal HERS Rating offers air balancing to ensure that your HVAC system achieves optimal operation, which is vital to specialized contractors and commercial construction. Note that HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) is mandatory for commercial construction to ensure the proper operation of the HVAC system. So-Cal HERS Rating is California’s number one choice for Air Balancing services. Visit our services pages to inquire more about how our specialists can help you.


Refrigerant Charge

So-Cal HERS Rating offers refrigerant charge services to get your system running at peak efficiency. The purposes of this procedure is to determine and verify that the residential split system space cooling systems and heat pumps have the required refrigerant charge. In addition to this, it also determines whether to not the metering devices is working as designed. So-Cal HERS Rating can guide you through this process quickly and painlessly. Visit our services page for more information.

BPI Inspection

BPI Inspections

At So-Cal HERS Rating, we offer the most comprehensive BPI Inspections in the entire state of California. Our specialists are highly trained to provide outstanding service, high quality inspections, and quality reports. Our thorough inspection process and reports will assist you on making an informed and wise decision when purchasing your new home or investment. Trust the experts at So-Cal HERS Rating and give us a call today, or visit our services page for more information.


Solar Panel Inspection

At So-Cal HERS Rating, we take an in-depth look at solar panels as far as their basic installation, if there are any signs of roof damage, the general wiring, and if it appears to be working at the time of inspection. Remember, when a solar panel inspection is vital to ensure that the system is functioning at an optimal fashion. In addition to this, it is important to remember that when a solar panel is currently installed, it is fitted for the family currently living in the house. Your electrical use may vary depending on the usage.

City Permits

City Permits

City permits are necessary to ensure that the HVAC construction that is being performed is working according to state and local codes and safety standards. Building inspections provide an added health and safety check, not only for the family that is residing within the home, but also for the public in general such as future homeowners, neighbors, emergency response crews, local workers, and more. Be sure to contact So-Cal HERS Rating for more information.

Energy Upgrade Rebate

Energy Upgrade Rebate

California utilities and government agencies offer attractive rebates and financial incentives as you pursue your long-term energy goals. If you are considering sustainable upgrades to your property, don’t be overwhelmed by the entire process. The So-Cal Hers Rating team has an expert understanding of California rebate and energy upgrade rebate programs. We can help you determine and apply for numerous programs. For more information, and a list of all the rebate programs that are available near you, give us a call today.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

At So-Cal HERS Rating, we use only the finest and advanced technological equipment when we perform thermal imaging scans. The inspector will scan the interior of the home in each room, including the electrical panel for circuit overload. HVAC, insulation, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, and electrical problems can be easily seen with our thermal imaging camera. As part of a home inspection, this test is a must to ensure that each aspect of your house is clear is of faults or potential dangers.